Full range of services related to customs clearance

custom clearance

selection of the optimal place of customs clearance, taking into account the nomenclature, the value of the goods, the method and the route of delivery

customs clearance of any complexity for all major customs procedures:

  • release for domestic consumption;
  • export;
  • re-import;
  • re-export;
  • temporary importation;
  • temporary export;
  • processing outside the customs territory;
  • processing in the customs territory;
  • internal customs transit

Delivery support:

  • Harmonization of shipping documents with the consignor (in Russian, English, Mandarin or German) at the stage of their preparation, verification of marking and packaging specifications;
  • execution of export documents;
  • electronic declaration;
  • payment of duties by a customs broker (representative);
  • representation of client's interests in customs authorities

Additional services of a customs broker (representative):

  • documents of non-tariff regulation - certification, licensing documentation;
  • consultations and assistance in obtaining classification decisions;
  • standard, preliminary, periodical declaring, remote release


    • A full range of services provided by one company, our customers choose and receive what they need - international delivery, customs clearance, responsible storage of cargo and delivery in the Russian Federation to the final recipient;
    • Optimal tariffs due to the use of our company's own resources, as well as purchase of services in the complex;
    • Customs clearance is carried out directly at the Kagrotransmarin terminal, where our vehicles arrive and where the cargo of our customers is stored;
    • The possibility of justifying minimum prices for goods, including prices below the risk indicators for customs, with the availability of supporting documents, services for selecting documents and monitoring their review will be provided by our specialists;
    • Work with the import contract by our specialists, up to foreign trade agency service;
    • Legal support in case of making claims to the actions of customs authorities, including appealing the adjustment of customs value, including representation of the client's interests in court;
    • Provision of services on registration and receipt of non-tariff regulation documents - certification and licensing documentation , assistance in obtaining classification decisions.

    Any question on customs begins with consultation. Write or call us and you will always receive it for free from our specialist.