Tank farm and storage facilities

tank farm and storages

Tank farm and storage

OOO Kargotransmarin has a strategic consortium ownership access of farm tanks over 15 Million square feet of space throughout Russia which also include major commercial sea port terminals & oil loading terminals of Novorossiysk – Vladivostok – Kozmino – Nakhodka – Vanino.

We usually offer our client the best and affordable vertical tanks type: PBC, RVSP, BSS, and horizontal tanks : RGSN, RGSP, RGSDP, RGSDN, EP, EPP, ENP, EPDP:

What we offer:

  • Quality and protection - OOO Kargotransmarin always provide its clients with high quality grade tanks and state of the art security/protection against fire, weather conditions, deterioration or physical damage.
    Which gives our clients maximum confident of we temporary handling/storing their petroleum/agricultural product.
  • Insurance - OOO Kargotransmarin offers free insurance which cover 100% valued of stored products in our tank and storage facilities to our clients.
    One reason why we always have returning and refrred customers using our services;
  • Transportation - OOO Kargotransmarin offers transportation of our client’s stored commodity from our storage facilities to any of the loading commercial sea port across Russia Federation and the CIS;
  • Affordable - OOO Kargotransmarin tank farm and storage facilities are highly competitive and affordable in the petroleum and agricultural industry.
    OOO Kargotransmarin are one of the few whom offers flexible price and free additional days of demurrage. If our clients fails to discharge it commodity within the agreed date;

Storage facilities:

We offers storages of the following product.

    • Petroleum i.e M100, JP54 , Diesel Gas;
    • Natural Gas;
    • Refined/Unrefined Crude Oil.